"past times have brought so much to Fashion, that it feels almost like a disrespect not to be inspired"

- For Ages -

Ballet | Play it like Lily with ballet dress
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Lana | Lana Turner inspiration
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"Though, what inspire us the most, is of course, you."

The ethical luxury

Let us tell you the story that reassures you.

Put your own value to the environement protection global project

And watch the most powerful version of yourself 

Our Engagments

Made in France

All our items are local made. We work with workshops from Paris area in a transparent manufacturing process.

Amazing quality at fair prices

Our fabrics are cautiously chosen, so as to be elegant, comfortable and to look beautiful on you. Designs are made to satisfy you.

Limited edition

Keep yourself up to date so as not to miss the most special designs! We offer prototype or small series production so as not to waste a single item! Feel special and unique, that's what you are!

Our General Process

Inspiration is the start of all creation at For Ages! Whether is for custom made outfit for special event or everyday ones, or for a collection, we get inspired by a song, a person, a show, a description or even smile, there we go!


Request, inspiration, the brain is on.


Pencil, paper, the drawings offer the first choices.

Create Sample

Meeting at the workshop. The drawing is given to our tailor. We work this out, toge



Final small series

Final series or custom made.

Je confirme! Robe parfaite pour toutes les occasions, parfaite pour toutes les morphologies… A porter même juste pour le plaisir.. elle est sublime!

Fredelly13 – Instagram

Un trio extraordinaire, je vous embrasse!

Fredelly13 – Instagram

Avec For Ages, vous êtes sûr de la qualité. C’est un véritable coupe de cœur.

Chantal Husson – Facebook

Bravo à vous pour votre engagement éthique

blueshark34110 ( instagram) – Instagram

J’ai beaucoup aimé leur designs et l’amour porté dans leur démarche. Bon courage les filles!

Diana Madel Senno – www.aborigenes-beaute.com

Travail.. détermination… L’amour passion de ce qu’elles font sans oublier en plus leur profonde gentillesse.

Chantal Husson – Facebook.com

Our Skills

We will keep it short : our role, is to make you feel the way you want to feel. Beautiful, comfortable, attractive and unique. We guarantee a designed by us, the best fabrics coming from big fashion houses. The result? You. Beautiful, attractive, unique, feeling comfortable and unique. 

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