Gifts are there!


Choosing For Ages gift ?

Because you want to be unique

Our items come in very small editions, sometimes sample, so feel unique with unique gift.

Because of quality

Do you want your gift to be, feel as good as the day you bought it, in a century ( well, that's a little bit exagerated, just a bit), then buy For Ages, materials are oddment from fashion house, esthetic is a goal!

Because you are conscious

Conscious of earth, willing to reduce carbon footprint, spoiling and transparency in work conditions issues. Because you want both, luxury and ethic.


offer the dress ``Fleche`` for Christmas?

FA 4

Because in black, it offers the perfect ‘little black dress’, with lurex details at collar or velvet in red. Because, its retro lines guarantees elegance with whatever type of shoes you choose to wear.

FA 2

Be sure you will always effortlessely find an opportunity to wear it, at parties in heels, flat shoes for shopping, sneakers for the week end or boots for work.



choose the jacket

Do we really need to argue in the favor of this one? The only chance you take is get robbed… by him/her. Despite its attractiveness, this jacket is the safe choice. Offer it because you don’t want to be unseen… Offer boldness and originality. You won’t regret.
There it is


choose the tshirt

Because it feels like summer spirit! The original collar will make you look classy! Because its slighty fitted cut  for men and women, under a classic blazer, will sparkle the whole office or week end outfit.

The tee shirt