The Brand

For Ages a conscious brand

For Ages is a conscious, made in France, clothes and accessories brand.

The trio  self-made designers created  the brand  almost 10 years ago. The team feels concerned about how expensive can be local made clothes and how far we could feel away from the process of creating itself  when buying products.

The inspiration

The trio

The trio united by the love of working together, but also the love of designing, mixing fabrics, which is their favorite activity

The brand has this vintage spirit that enables men and women to settle in the time they choose without adapting. Can you imagine a style, a clothe you can travel with through different periods of times?

Our ethical and professional engagements

For Ages is a conscious brand. Choosing For Ages guarantees :
  • A high quality at a fair price
  • Designed for customer satisfaction
  • A long lasting and professional customer care
  • Transparency of  manufacturing process
  •  Made in France
  •  Adult work forces
  •  Prototype or small series production so as not to waste

The Logo

The clock

Wondering what has a clock to do with a clothing line? It may sound weird at first place,but bit was obvious to us.

The clock shows time that has passed, time we live, and time to go. One of our toughest goal was to create clothes line with in which you can travel through..

Dare to be yourself.. all times. But especially now.

For Ages logo

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