Delivery and return

Learn about For Ages policy.


Your order will be delivered to the address you indicated when your order was placed. The products bought on For Ages Sarl will be delivered to one address in mainland France or Corse. 

For Ages Sarl does everything in its power to respect the delivery times indicated on the website. We cannot, however, be held responsible for the consequences of a late delivery or the loss of a package caused by a third-party contracted to make delivery, or by you, or because of some event. In the event where you do not receive your package, an investigation will be conducted with the carrier and may take several days upon receipt of your claim. During this period of investigation, no reimbursement or re-delivery will take place.



Shipping in mainland france colissimo

Delivery Times: 48 – 72 working hour delivery. Delivery times are calculated in business days, not including friday, weekends and bank holidays.

The orders preparation and delivery delay may be extended during special events (sales, private sales, holiday, outlet sales).

Your order will be hand delivered, from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm. Delivery in Mainland France is 5.95 euros. Once the parcel has been sent you will receive a Colissimo tracking number by email which will allow you to follow your parcel. You can also track your parcel directly from you customer account.

In case of absence or not being able to receive your parcel, several attempts of delivery may take place on the initiative of La Poste or its foreign partners. In the case of a second absence, missed delivery note will be left explaining the procedure to obtain the parcel from the nearest La Poste point. Your ID will be requested to collect your parcel.

For the orders in Mainland France, your parcel will be kept during 15 days from the day you receive the missed delivery note. For international orders, this delay may vary from 5 to 15 days according to the removal point chosen by the customer. Beyond this deadline, the parcel will be automatically returned to us.

Note: Orders destined for Corsica will be delivered in the same conditions but with an average delivery time of four days with Colissimo Expert.

International delivery: Delivery and return are at customer’s own cost

Below, you will find respectively, destination country name, Colissimo price, Colissimo delivery time, DHL option, and DHL delivery times.

Destination Colissimo Colissimo
Delivery times
Delivery Times
Austria 20 € 3 – 5 Days x x
Belgium 15 € 3 – 4 Days x x
Czech Republic 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Denmark 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Finland 25 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Germany 15 € 3 – 4 Days x x
Hungary 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Ireland 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Italy 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Luxembourg 15 € 3 – 4 Days x x
Netherlands 15 € 3 – 4 Days x x
Poland 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Portugal 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Spain 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Sweden 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
United Kingdom 20 € 3 – 8 Days x x
Norway x x 45 € 2 – 3 Days
USA x x 45 € 2 – 3 Days
Canada x x 45 € 4 – 5 Days
Hong Kong x x 75 € 3 – 4 Days
Singapore x x 75 € 3 – 4 Days
Japan x x 75 € 4 – 5 Days
South Korea x x 75 € 4 – 5 Days
Australia x x 95 € 4 – 5 Days
United Arab Emirates x x 95 € 4 – 5 Days
Qatar x x 95 € 4 – 5 Days

Outside E.U delivery, a tax can be added when receiving the parcel, depending on the Buyer country’s customs regulations.

Right of Return

For Ages Sarl allows you 15 days to return a product that you are not satisfied with. Your right of return starts from the moment your order is delivered. You can return the product to us within this time frame, at your own expense, with your invoice and a completed and signed returns coupon.

We request that you send us the merchandise by registered post and that you purchase insurance with your carrier for the value of the merchandise. This is necessary should they lose or damage the goods. Shipping fees remain the customer’s responsibility. The present right of return only applies to products that are returned in their original, complete condition. Any product that has been damaged, is not in its original packaging, or has packaging that has been worn beyond simply opening the product, will not be refunded. The deadlines mentioned above are effective from the date of receipt of the order.