Calendrier Phawop 2019

Phawop 2019 Calendar

Phawop, in their project to enhance prevention and healing for women cancer, expressed their wish to include men. Phawop 2019 calendar was released.

As witnesses and supporters of the cause, but also as ambassadors and models promoting the project.

Talking to the projects to several men, Phawop discovered that, letting alone their job, shared  their own experience about cancer in their life.

So here is the calendar, they all agreed to be portrayed in it.  The calendar took long to be released due to so many situations. But finally was, on Februray 2020.

You will soon be able to buy it online.  Phawop will receive all funds for their projects and work.

The 2020 Calendar is already on. Stay connected.

All backgrounds in Phawop Calendar

PHAWOP 2019 calendar gathered men from all professional background :

actors, boxers, dancers, choreographers…

They all said yes to supporting the project and all wore the shirts

Phawop gala ambassadors

The ambassadors shirts wear shirts from For Ages. And For Ages renews the desire to team up with Phawop for 2021 Calendar. The team will provide shirts for the ambassadors team.

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