The brand

Who are you ?

Have you ever felt like you had to start a meeting or presentation but you feel it is hard to catch the audience attention on first place? This audience can just be a friend or a family member at a dinner.
Have you ever needed that little something to make you feel confident and bold and ready to go, something that people see and notice even before you say ‘hello’?
Have you ever dreamt retreiveing or gaining back the confidence gone with you early 20’s?
Have you ever wanted to have a perfect outfit so that you do not even have to care about the way you look on special occasions and that this feeling rushes positive vibes in all your being?

Identify your highest level

For Ages started with all that questions.

Because confidence is not an option when you want to reach your goals, big or small,

because boldness makes you stand out of the crowd, our inspiration has always been to make a clothe more than just a futile clothe.

More than what you wear and take off by the end of the day.
Clothing may seem just a detail to so many of us. It certainly is.

But when it doesn’t actually fit, suit, or shine like your speech or your ideas or your goals, then it becomes a big detail, an incoherence, we can say.
Then you may ask, there are so many brands and companies selling clothes, how to get what i need in all this mess?

You are our highest purpose

Well, you are unique, your needs are unique, then For Ages decide to be inspired to design short runs, in very limited quantities. That is the first point, when you feel you own something created almost only for you, then you are most likely to never lose sight of yourself or feel drown in an environement.

The inspiration

And because you want to be confident, For Ages can tell you exactly where your clothe has been made because it is locally made in France, and chooses themselves which fabric (carefully choosen and most of the time, from fashion house ) has to be used. The clothe makes you confident because you already know its all story and its story reassures you.
It is made by adult workers, properly paid, it is made in France, it is made with care and passion, and yes, must add, all the love you need to feel in it.

What about the inspiration, where does it com from?

Well, the inspiration comes from vintage, because we can’t deny, past times have brought so much to Fashion, that it feels almost like a disrespect not to be inspired by what has been made.
The old lines, the creativity, the elegance and the uniqueness of vintage fashion inspire us so much.
Though, what inspire us the most, is of course, you. You, who are bold in your lives and need to remain to upgrade your life goals, you who need creativity to unleash your highest comptences, you who needs somehow to put your own value in the environnement cause. You all inspire us.

And it’s been 10 years, three sisters indulge themselves in changing their job field, to help in their ways, other people. With style.
So now, you may not feel any different wearing For Ages, although we really doubt. You can, thus lose a few euros/dollars, not even sure or not, if you send back early we will refund.

Though, you may want to let us help you in everyday and specific occasions to uplift your confidence, your productivity, your boldness in your projects, your meetings, your life, generally, then try For Ages, and certainly adopt more than a fashion style, a whole lifestyle. Long story short, For Ages helps you make room to reach your highest potential.
For Ages helps raise the barriers of employement, self growth, self acceptance and social integration.

Wearing For Ages insures you to display proudly the values we below

  • A high quality at a fair price
  • Designed for customer satisfaction
  • A long lasting and professional customer care
  • Transparency of  manufacturing process
  •  Made in France
  •  Adult work forces
  •  Prototype or small series production so as not to waste